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    This Code of Conduct will serve as your contract with the Grassroots Youth Football League to promote and incorporate the ideals of good sportsmanlike conduct and ethical behaviour in all programming and events sponsored by the GYFL. Whether you are an athlete, coach, parent or spectator, the expectation is that you exhibit an honour for self and others through your words as well as your actions. Your efforts will increase not only awareness of the traits desirable in athletes but those expected of good citizens in all communities.

    Parents/Players are expected to abide by the following Code of Conduct provisions. If any of these provisions are violated, the league shall have the authority and obligations to impose a penalty, including up to dismissal from league games and/or suspension temporarily or permanently from any Grassroots organization or event.

    Parents Shall:

    • Not criticize players and coaches in front of teammates and spectators.
    • Not use abusive or profane language at any time.
    • Not criticize an opposing team’s players, coaches, or fans by word of mouth or by gesture.
    • Accept the decisions of game officials as being called to the best of their ability, fair and final.
    • Promote sportsmanship conduct from players, coaches and fellow parents.
    • Not smoke on any fields, practice or game, where youngsters are present.
    • Not use any tobacco products, consume alcoholic beverages, use or posses illegal substances on any fields, practice or game, where youngsters are present.
    • Maintain the prescribed team barrier during practices and games.

    Players will:

    • Respect all aspects of the sport which include a demonstration of appropriate behavior towards teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, athletic staff, site staff/administration and all community participants without regard to race, gender or ability.
    • Obtain a thorough knowledge of the rules as well as obey the spirit and the letter of the rules of the sport as outlined in the National Federation of State High School Associations Rule Book .
    • Exhibit the high ideals of good sportsmanship and ethical behavior by being gracious in victory, accepting defeat with dignity, helping fallen opponents, complimenting extraordinary performance and demonstrating a genuine respect for all pre/post game rituals.
    • Promote the well-being of self and others by engaging in healthy habits, discouraging the use of drugs, alcohol and other techniques illegal or dangerous to overall wellness and development of conditioning levels.
    • Cooperate with the coaching staff, Grassroots administration, officials, teammates and opponents ensuring the competition is fair and follows applicable rules of the sport.
    • Exercise self-control and exhibit the ability to overcome the temptation to retaliate, use force or violence in response to an opponent’s inappropriate behavior. Fighting, excessive displays of anger or frustration will be addressed accordingly. Use of profanity, behavior and/or gestures that are deemed inappropriate and excessive will not be tolerated.
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