The following information contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from parents and family members of our youth student-athletes. Please refer to it as needed and contact us for information concerning any topic not contained here. Thank you!

No. Each team is based on age and grade. In order for a child to participate, he/she must be certified by the league with proof of identification, including birth certificate, photo ID and grade verification.

We are a middle school based travel team. Our league plays games on some of the top high school fields within the DMV area.

Yes. However, parents must coordinate with your child’s Team Mom before bringing any donations.

Unfortunately not much. Please remain calm and allow the team coaches to handle any disputes with the referees, as disrespectful outbursts can be grounds for suspension and/or banishment from the games. The TSA Blitz organization will always make every effort to ensure that all kids are treated fairly on and off the field of play.

Each situation is evaluated by your child’s coach, who then makes a determination based on the information presented. Excluding the presentation of new information altering the situation, the head coach’s decision is FINAL.